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As  my wife and I grew older (as everyone does) we started having issues related to aging.   Things like increasing joint pain,  not sleeping well,  less  energy,  less mental clarity,  loss of muscle, harder to lose weight, loss of libido,  you name it, we had it!  We, ( actually, my wife )  started looking for the proverbial "Fountain of Youth"  and we truly believe we have found it.   We want anyone that has the same issues that we did to have the opportunity to slow down or even possibly reverse some of these same health problems

There is hope, and it comes in the form of Somaderm gel

 When you are born, your body  produces Human Growth Hormone and you begin the process of growing and maturing.  You get taller,  you gain muscle mass, your hair,  your nails grow it's what makes you what you are.  BUT! when you reach your mid 20's or so your glands begin slowing down the secretion of HGH and you slowly begin  to show signs of aging.  By the time you  reach 35 or even earlier, your hair begins to turn, your skin starts to age,  you begin to have joint pain and it's harder to lose weight.   Along comes Somaderm Gel.  The first of it's kind FDA registered  HGH in a gel form.  Rub it into your skin and let it do it's magic.

Our goal is to help you age gracefully!

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Somaderm Gel

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New U Life and Somaderm Gel


Somaderm gel is an exciting new product that could change your life in many ways!

1st of all, you can be a customer and just use the gel to gain all the health benefits


You can be a business team partner and refer your friends or anyone you meet to buy and use the gel!  This is a young company that is growing  faster than anyone could imagine!

Jump on board!

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This is the most amazing new product breakthrough of it's kind  and we are so excited to share it with everyone!

We want you to start Gelling!

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